Naughty Neighbors 2–Chapter Two

Over the next couple of days, Darlene had watched Tommy and Tamara play around in the pool in their backyard. At one point she thought they caught her looking, but when they went back to their lovemaking, she assumed they just heard something in the bushes.
Phil had still not met Tamara face to face, but he had spent quite a bit of time talking to Tommy through the fence as he worked in the yard.
Darlene was busy crunching the numbers for Phil’s monthly report for his business when he walked into the house. He had a huge smile on his face, and he looked a little goofy as he stood over her.
“What is it?” Darlene asked.
“I was just talking to Tommy. I met his wife.” He said, still sporting the same goofy smile.
“Yeah, she’s cute.” Darlene said, figuring that was what got him all worked up.
He hadn’t been so passionate since the night after he watched them in the window, so she thought maybe seeing her in the flesh worked him back up. She wasn’t sure if he wanted to tell her something, or bend her over the desk and fuck her right there.
“Oh yeah, but that’s not it. I just wanted to tell you that they invited us to a cookout tonight.” He said.
Darlene wasn’t used to seeing him like this. He never got excited about going to anyone’s house. But, she knew he really liked Tommy, and after seeing Tamara in the flesh, she was sure he liked her too.
“Ok.” She said.
“Wear your swim suit, they just got a new hot tub delivered.” He said, and then

disappeared down the hall.
Darlene laughed as she realized that was what got him all worked up. He was excited to hang out with Tommy, but probably more so to hang out with Tamara in the hot tub.
Darlene had to admit, she was looking forward to hanging out with Tommy in the hot tub. She loved the way his hair stuck to his chest when it got wet.
Whenever he would stick his head over the fence to talk to Phil, she noticed how his hair clung to his body when he was sweaty. She wondered how it would feel gliding over her breasts, tickling her nipples as he fucked her.
Darlene chucked work, and took off to the salon. She got her nails done, her hair trimmed, and even had them do a bikini wax. She wanted to look good if she was going to be in a bikini in front of Tommy again. The first time she saw him while wearing one, she was not prepared. This time, she would be.
She called Phil before she headed home to find out what she should pick up.
“He said don’t bring anything. But, I was thinking a nice bottle of wine, and maybe a dessert.” He said.
Darlene hung up the phone and ran into the market. She picked up a bottle of dessert wine, and a gourmet cheesecake.
Before she made her way to the cashier, she decided to grab a 12-pack of Michelob, just in case anyone was in the mood for beer instead of wine.
At the cash register, she walked up behind a man with long, brown curly hair. As she set her stuff on the conveyor, she noticed the tattoos.
“Tommy?” she asked.
Tommy turned around. “Hey neighbor.” He said in his cool, mellow tone.
“That’s not for tonight is it?” he asked, looking at the items in front of her.
“Of course.” She said.

“You didn’t have to do that, it’s our treat.” He said.
“I figured we all might want something for our sweet tooth.” She said, pushing the cheesecake towards the front of the items.
“I think you’re gonna try to get me drunk and take advantage of me tonight.” He joked, looking at the beer and the bottle of wine.
“If it would work, I could go back and get more.” Darlene said with a laugh.
“Awesome.” He said, and then shot her a smile and a wink.
The cashier rang up his items, and then pulled his attention away from Darlene while she took his money.
“I’ll see you tonight.” He said.
“Wear that little yellow bikini…,” he added, and then walked out of the store.
Darlene was in a daze. He had flirted with her. It had been awhile since she had flirted with anyone, but she was pretty damn sure that was flirting.
“68.92.” the cashier said, pulling Darlene back to reality.
She slid her credit card through the automatic machine, and then took her bags, and her beer.
On the ride home, she kept thinking about how he had flirted with her, and how she had flirted with him. She was sure it was innocent. He had a beautiful wife, a younger wife, so what would he want with her she thought.
At home, Phil was lifting weights in the workout studio. She could hear him grunting as he slammed the weights on the floor.
“Lunk head.” She thought to herself.
She put the cheesecake and the beer in the fridge, and went upstairs to shower.
She paid special attention to her inner thighs as she shaved the hairs missed by

the wax. Some were just too close to her sensitive lips to have waxed, so she always shaved those away when she didn’t have time, or the tolerance to pluck.
She lathered up her body with body wash and smeared the loofah across her skin, the thought of Tommy flirting with her still dancing in her mind. His deep green eyes pierced through her, and that long hair drove her wild.
Her juices started flowing as she thought about his long fingers sliding in and out of her opening. Her breasts tightened as she closed her eyes and pictured him cupping them, pushing his mouth on them, and biting at her nipples as he looked up at her with those paralyzing eyes.
“You ready?” Phil yelled from the bedroom.
“Yes, just have to get dressed.” Darlene said, shutting off the water and pulling herself back to reality.
She dried off quickly, and then grabbed her little yellow bikini and put it in her bag. Her little blue sundress with matching panties and sandals was already laid out on the bed; she assumed Phil had done that for her.
As she got dressed, Phil yelled for her to hurry up from down the stairs. She couldn’t get over how anxious he was. They were only going next door, she didn’t see the rush.
After only a few minutes in the bathroom, she managed to get her hair blown out enough to leave it hanging down, and enough makeup on to brighten up her lips and eyes.
“I’m ready.” She yelled as she made her way down the stairs.
Phil was standing at the backdoor, holding the bottle of wine and the beer.
“You grab the cheesecake.” He said, and then opened the door for them to exit.

Chapter Three
“Slow down.” Darlene scoffed at Phil.
Phil slowed down, and then turned to Darlene to take her hand. They walked to the front door of their neighbor’s house together, but Phil quickly released her hand so he could ring the doorbell.
He was acting like a kid on Christmas morning, rushing the parents down the stairs so he could rip open his presents. Darlene was starting to get a little irritated at his excitement level, but she was hopeful that his excitement would be spent on her later that evening.
Tommy answered the door, wearing basketball shorts and a loose t-shirt. His hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and his dark green eyes glimmered in the sun as it went down on their street.
“Hey, welcome.” He said, and then stepped out of the way for them to enter.
The house was beautifully decorated. The large white sofa was adorned with colorful pillows, and the art work on the walls looked like it belonged in a gallery, not a home in suburbia.
“Let me take that.” Tommy said as he took the cheesecake from Darlene.
“Tamara is in the kitchen making margaritas.” he said, motioning Darlene to the large opening in the living room.
“Come on, let’s get this on ice.” Tommy said, leading Phil through the house to the back door.
Darlene set the cheesecake on the counter. Tamara didn’t hear her come in over the blender crushing the ice.
“Oh, you startled me.” She said, and then giggled.

She was wearing her hair pulled back tightly, showing off her beautiful high cheekbones. Her pink sundress closely matched Darlene’s, but she wore high heels instead of sandals that accentuated her long lean legs.
“Here, try this.” She said, and then poured a margarita into a salt rimmed glass.
Darlene took a sip, it was strong. She puckered up her lips, and then smiled.
“It’s strong. I like it.” She said.
Darlene needed a drink. She was a little anxious about being there. She had only spent a little time with Tamara, but she spent many hours watching her and Tommy fuck in the pool.
She felt guilty for invading their privacy, but she craved some action, and they were the only thing exciting in the neighborhood.
Tamara poured herself a drink, and then motioned for Darlene to follow her out into the yard.
The pool was sparkling clean, with little floating candles all around the surface of the water. Their outdoor furniture was plush and colorful, and the hot tub looked like it was big enough for 12.
“Did you bring your swimsuit?” she asked.
“Yes, in my bag.” Darlene said, patting her white Victoria Secret tote.
“Good, we can get into the hot tub later, although, swimsuits are optional.” She said with a laugh.
Darlene wasn’t sure if she was joking or not.
Phil was standing next to Tommy at the grill. They both had a beer in their hand. Darlene couldn’t hear what they were saying, but they kept laughing, and looking back at her and Tamara.
Darlene and Tamara finished their margaritas as they struggled to find something to talk about. When Tamara brought out the second round, Darlene

had loosened up quite a bit.
“Let’s go swimming.” Tamara said.
“Ok.” Darlene agreed.
She followed Tamara into the house and up the stairs to their bedroom.
The large king size bed sat in the center of the room with dark purple satin sheets.
“Nice huh?” Tamara said, as she caught Darlene staring.
“Yes, Phil insists on a queen. He swears it keeps up closer.” She said, and then rolled her eyes.
“Oh hell no, I need space to roll around while I sleep, and well, while fooling around.” Tamara said.
Darlene set her drink down and pulled her bikini from her bag. She looked around for the bathroom so she could change, but then Tamara pulled her sundress off, and slid her panties down right in front of her.
Her tan body was tight and toned. Her breasts were large, but obviously fake. Darlene envied her flat belly with obvious ab muscles, and wondered what it was she needed toned.
She tried not to look, but couldn’t help but take a quick peek at her bush. It was trimmed into a long strip that stopped at her meaty nub. Her plump pink lips were bare, leaving little to the imagination.
“Don’t be shy.” She said.
Darlene wasn’t shy, but she was modest. She had never undressed in front of anyone before, except for Phil. Even her sexual conquests before him, most were either in the dark, under the covers, or half dressed.
She reluctantly slid her sundress from her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Her large round tits were exposed, and she felt very naked in her see-

thru lace panties.
“Are those real?” Tamara asked, and then reached for her breasts.
Darlene jumped a little as Tamara cupped her in her hands, and gave a little squeeze.
“Oh my god, those are magnificent.” She said.
“I wish I could have brought you in with me when I got mine done. That is what I wanted.” She added.
Darlene was unable to breathe while Tamara fondled her tits. She felt her nipples harden from the sensation, but she was extremely uncomfortable.
“Yes, they are real.” She uttered.
“I love them.” Tamara said.
‘Here feel mine.” She said.
Darlene had never felt any other woman’s breasts, and the thought of finding out what fake ones felt like intrigued her. She pushed past her uncomfortableness, and reached out for a handful of Tamara’s boobs.
They were firm, but nice. They did not feel fake to Darlene; they felt similar to her own, just a little harder is all.
The girls finally dressed into their bikinis, and made their way back outside to the boys.
“You were gone awhile, should we be worried?” Tommy teased.
“You weren’t up there playing with each other were you?” He added as he placed the plate of steaks and vegetables on the table.
Darlene blushed. Phil looked at her with a surprised look on his face. She knew he was well aware of how to read her, and that her pink cheeks were a dead giveaway that something happened.

Chapter Four
“We were going to take a swim.” Tamara said.
“Well, your food may get cold.” Tommy said with a smile.
“I can wait until after dinner. I need some food to counteract this tequila.” Darlene said.
“Oh, we need another.” Tamara said, snatching up her glass and disappearing into the kitchen.
Tommy and Phil started talking about fitness. Phil told Tommy how he could give anyone the body they wanted. Darlene tried not to roll her eyes at his overly confident remarks, but Tommy caught her and winked at her with a smile.
Tamara showed back up with two full glasses of margaritas. Darlene knew she was going to be good and drunk by the end of the night at this rate, but she didn’t care. She needed some fun in her life.
The steaks were cooked to perfection, and Darlene knew she complimented Tommy a little too much. Phil gave her a glare at one point, and she knew it wasn’t because he was jealous, but because he was afraid she was embarrassing him.
“Your wife has amazing tits.” Tamara blurted out as Tommy picked up the plates from the table.
“So, you were up there playing around.” He laughed.
Phil’s eyes widened as he stared at Darlene with a sheepish grin.
“We’re women, we had to compare.” Tamara said.
Darlene sipped on her margarita, trying to look innocent.

“Hers cost a small fortune, but they are fun.” Tommy said.
“Luckily, Darlene came complete with fun bags, so all we had to do was tone her up.” Phil said.
Tommy smiled at Darlene, and raised his eyebrows.
“I doubt you had to do much, she looks great.” He said, and then disappeared into the house.
Tamara started telling Phil about her boob job, and how her muscles behind the implants were weak. She wanted to tone the area, so she would have a more natural look.
Tommy came out, and as he listened to the conversation, he pulled out two more beers for him and Phil.
“Show him babe.” He said.
Phil looked a little surprised.
“I mean hell, you pay that much, you want them perfect.” He added.
Tamara stood up and walked over to Phil. She untied her bikini top and revealed her large breasts to him.
Darlene could tell he was trying to stay professional, but the look in his eyes told her he was extremely excited, even though a bit nervous.
She squeezed her breasts together, and then showed him how they hung on the side.
“A little toning, and that could be lifted easily enough.” He said.
“Feel them, so you know what I mean.” Tamara said.
Phil looked at Tommy, who nodded with approval. He turned to Darlene, who was sucking down her margarita. She just shrugged her shoulders.

Phil stood up. His hands covered her large breasts, and he squeezed them tightly. He lifted them, bounced them a little, and then slid his hands down the sides.
Darlene watched as her husband fondled another woman’s breast right in front of her, and for some reason, it didn’t bother her. Their calmness and relaxed nature just made things seem natural.
“You should see hers Tommy.” Tamara said.
“They are perfect. They are what I wanted.” She added.
Tommy smiled at Darlene, who was turning a bright shade of pink.
“I would love to see them.” Tommy said, and then looked towards Phil.
Phil was still holding onto Tamara’s breasts, for no reason other than his nerves wouldn’t let him release them.
“That’s up to her. She is pretty shy about showing off her body.” He said.
The remark bothered Darlene somehow. It was as if he thought her body wasn’t good enough to show off.
“No, I don’t care. You saw hers, it’s only fair.” Darlene said, and then laughed.
Darlene sat up in her chair and untied her bikini string. She revealed her large round breasts to her neighbor. The neighbor who she fantasized about licking her pussy, sucking on her nipples, and shoving his hard curved cock inside of her each night since he had moved in.
Tommy’s eyes brightened as he stared at Darlene’s bare chest.
“Those are perfect.” He said.
“May I?” he asked, getting out of his chair.
“Sure, why not.” Darlene said.

He walked over to her and placed his hands on her breasts. His fingers were cold, but she wasn’t sure if that’s what made her jump, or the electricity that shot through her body when he touched her.
He squeezed them in his hands, bounced them a little just like Phil had done to his wife’s, and then stepped back to admire them up close.
“They are tremendous.” He said.
Tamara sat back down and grabbed her drink. She didn’t bother putting her top back on.
“Who wants to get in the hot tub?” she asked.
“Sounds like a great idea.” Phil said, still sporting a nervously excited smile.
Darlene was sure he wasn’t going to wash his hands for a week now.
She reached for her top, and started to wrap it back around her body.
“Oh please, leave it off.” Tommy said with a smirk.
Phil laughed. “Yeah, there’s no tops in the hot tub.” He said.
Darlene could tell he was getting a little tipsy from so many beers, but she enjoyed his laid back nature. It was unusual for him to relax this much.
Tamara came out with two more drinks. Tommy grabbed a small cooler of beers and placed it next to the hot tub, and then he climbed in first.
Tamara climbed in on the opposite side of him, leaving the open space next to her, and one next to Tommy.
Phil took the spot next to Tamara, so Darlene took the one next to Tommy.
They laughed about the neighborhood, talked about what it was like to live in L.A., and all seemed to hit it off pretty well.
“You know, we have not tried this out yet babe.” He said.

Tamara looked confused.
“I mean I haven’t fucked that tight little pussy of yours in here yet.” He said.
Phil grinned from ear to ear. Darlene could tell he loved hearing about Tamara’s tight little pussy.
“That’s true. Maybe tonight.” She said with a wink.
Tommy looked up towards Darlene and Phil’s house, and then back down. He looked directly at Darlene as he spoke.
“You could probably have the perfect view from your window.” He said with a smile.
Darlene felt the blood rush to her face as she realized he may have caught her peeking.
“Fuck yeah, so put on a good show tonight then.” Phil said.
Darlene knew the alcohol was taking over when he made that comment. It was not Phil’s style.
“I better get him home.” She said.
Phil frowned at her, and then stuck out his tongue like a two-year-old.
Darlene knew she wasn’t getting fucked tonight, but if he remembered any of it, she may get lucky in the morning.
“You coming back?” Tommy asked Darlene.
She felt a little odd when he asked the question. It sounded like an invitation to join them in the hot tub for sex.
“No, I’m pretty drunk too. I should go to bed.” She said.
She pulled Phil’s hand and got him out of the hot tub. She slipped her sundress

over her, covering her bare breasts for the first time in hours.
Phil stumbled as she got him to the house and up the stairs to bed.
Her bedroom light was on, and she knew they had the perfect view through her window.
Normally she would have shut the curtains, but she knew she wanted to watch them fuck in the hot tub, so she left it open as she undressed for bed.
She slipped her sundress off, revealing her large breasts. She didn’t get the tingle of excitement until she slid her panties down around her ankles, knowing they were watching below.
She turned around with her ass facing the window and bent over to pick up her clothes from the floor. She hoped Tommy was watching as her perfectly tones ass cheeks separated just enough to get a peek of her plump lips.
She shut off the lights, and climbed into bed nude.
She rolled over facing the window, and watched as Tommy sat on the edge of the hot tub holding his curved cock in his hand.
Tamara scooted over towards him, and lowered her mouth onto him. She took him deep in her mouth, bobbing up and down with a fast-paced motion. Her hand worked his balls, while the other stroked his cock as it slid into her mouth.

Darlene rubbed her pussy while she watched, wishing she had taken them up on the offer to come back.


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