Darlene was having a hard time sleeping. She kept thinking about Tommy’s dark green arms and tattooed arms. She felt guilty for her feelings, but she couldn’t stop them.
Her bedroom window overlooked the backyard next door, so when she heard their sliding glass door open, and people talking, she couldn’t help but peek.
Tommy stood on the deck, and then a beautiful blonde came up behind him. She had long hair, big breasts, and from the low light shining in their yard, it was hard to tell much else, but she looked very pretty.
Tommy took her hand, and walked her off the deck and into the yard. Darlene watched as they walked around the pool, and as the woman splashed water from the pool to Tommy’s bare chest.
She let out a squeal as he grabbed her up by the waist and threatened to throw her in the pool. They were playful. They looked fun.
Tommy set his wife back down, and pulled her in close to him. Darlene watched as he kissed on her neck, and the woman tilted her head back to show her enjoyment from his lips.
As his hands slid down her body, and cupped her ass cheeks, she felt like she should turn away and give them their privacy, but she couldn’t.
He slid her sundress over her ass, revealing her bare cheeks. They were round, toned, and perfect. He squeezed them as his kiss became more passionate, and the woman’s hands started working their way into his long hair.
Darlene felt a tingle between her legs as Tommy took a step back, and his wife pulled the sundress over her head, tossing it to the ground.
She watched as he slid his basketball shorts from his body, revealing a long, curved penis that looked hard enough to cut glass.

Her hand slid between her legs, rubbing to ease the aching. The woman ran and dove into the pool, giving Darlene a clear view of her large tits before she hit the water.
Tommy dove in after her, and with one quick movement, he was up against her.
Darlene’s fingers spread her pussy open wide so she could slide two fingers inside. She pumped slowly to not wake up Phil, and continued watching her new neighbors play in the backyard.
Tommy lifted his wife out of the water, just enough to reveal her large breasts. His mouth surrounded them, sucking hard while she threw her head back towards the water.
He pushed her back further, giving her a noodle to support her weight. As she floated in front of him, he spread her legs, and moved in with his mouth towards her chlorine drenched pussy.
Darlene’s fingers picked up the pace as she watched Tommy skillfully pleasure his wife with his mouth. She imagined it was his tongue instead of her fingers pumping between her legs, fucking her with perfect precision.
He slid her back into the water towards him. Her legs wrapped around his waist, and she bounced in and out of the water. Her breasts slapped against the surface of the pool, making small waves all around them as he fucked her.
Darlene felt herself flush with pleasure as she imagined riding Tommy’s curved cock like a pool toy. Her clit swelled, her breasts tightened, and her back arched as she released her wave of pleasure.
She felt Phil stir in the bed, and quickly tried to calm herself and pretend to be asleep.
Her eyes closed tightly, and she didn’t move as she heard Phil get out of the bed.
He stood in front of the window as she peeked through one eye at him. She watched him as he watched the neighbors. He closed the curtains enough to

hide his silhouette, and continued watching what Darlene could no longer see.
Her pussy still throbbed under the covers, and her fingers were sticky with her juices.
Phil displayed an obvious erection as he stood in front of the window. She thought he might rub himself in front of her, but he just closed the curtain the rest of the way and climbed back into bed.
She knew he masturbated, even though he refused to admit it. There was a part of her that wanted to catch him in the act. The thought of him stroking his own cock turned her on.
Darlene opened her eyes and tried to see what was happening in the backyard as Phil settled back into bed.
She noticed Tommy, now wearing shorts, and his wife, now covered with a towel, sitting on the deck drinking a beer.
The clock beside her read 12:00 midnight. She was a little jealous that they were able to enjoy a midnight swim, and that she only got to do competitive laps in the pool after dinner.
She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep thinking about her neighbors in the pool. Phil took the place of Tommy now, and her the place of his wife. The thoughts of her and Phil making love so passionately in the pool at midnight comforted her and helped her fall into a deep sleep.
When she woke up in the morning, she waited to see if Phil would say anything about what he saw in the window.
She made the morning smoothies, and he showered before coming down the stairs.
He pulled her close and kissed her neck, this time with more passion, and without saying a word about her waist line.
She had expected him to make a comment, especially since she drank two beers the night before. But, instead, he bit at her earlobe, and squeezed her

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Phil’s only vice was beer, and even that he didn’t do much. Every so often he would have a beer or two, but usually only with company.
Darlene was never a big drinker, but the alcohol helped relax her, and she never noticed any weight gain from a few beers on occasion.
“You do look sexy with your hair down.” He said, standing back from her in the kitchen.
She had not pulled it up into a pony tail this morning, mainly because she was feeling rebellious, but also because she overslept due to staying up late watching her new neighbors fuck.
“Thank you.” Darlene said.
Phil swept her hair off her shoulders with his large hands, and then leaned in to kiss her neck again.
“What’s gotten into you?” Darlene asked.
“Can’t a husband just find his wife attractive?” he asked.
Darlene giggled as he went back to kissing her neck.
His hand slid up her skirt and his fingers worked their way into her tight pussy.
She loved how his fingers were so large they felt like small cocks as they fucked her. His thumb pressed against her clit and rotated in circular motions as he pumped his fingers deep inside of her.
He pulled his belt open, and then undone his pants with his free hand while he worked on arousing Darlene.
She pulled her skirt around her hips, and helped him as he scooted her onto the table. She spread her legs wide as his fingers exited, and watched as he aimed his large cock towards her tight opening.

He pushed hard, without any of his usual routine. She spread wide for him to enter, and let out a moan as he pushed into her with deep motions.
“Give me that tight pussy.” He said as he banged harder against her.
Darlene let out a moan as she felt his excitement grow inside of her.
His hands gripped her ass cheeks, and pulled her towards his cock. He swayed her hips back and forth, guiding her onto him as he watched his cock slide into her and her pussy lips grip against his skin.
“That’s fucking beautiful.” He said, and then let out one last moan.
He pushed hard against her, causing her own pleasure to blast through her body. She felt her muscle contracting around his as he throbbed inside of her.
He stared at her with intense passion. Darlene was breathless, speechless, and completely satisfied.
This was what she had always wanted. This was how she wanted fucked.
Phil pulled away from her, and then leaned in for a kiss. He went into the bathroom and cleaned himself up before returning with a towel for Darlene.
She continued to sit on the table, legs spread, and still in awe. He helped wipe her clean, and then smiled as he gulped down his smoothie like it was ice water.
Darlene got herself together. She felt weak in the knees, and a little light-headed.
“Have a great day baby.” He said.
“Oh, I will.” She said with a smile.
She watched as he walked out of the front door. He never said a word about what he saw next door the night before, and neither did she. But, she knew that was what woke up his sexuality this morning, and for that, she was grateful.

She wondered how much he got to actually see last night. She knew she probably got the best part of the show, but they must had left something good for the end to work him up like that. Whatever it was, she wanted to see. She was excited that summer had only just begun, so hopefully the next few months would be filled with more escapades in the backyard.

If this is what is was going to be like having new neighbors, she was ecstatic. She started thinking that a welcome basket might be in order. A nice bottle of wine, some cheese, grapes, maybe some oysters for their libido….


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