Phil came into the kitchen and noticed Darlene’s hair as she tossed the salad.
“You really should put that up.” He said.
“I like it down.” She said.
“If you like hair in your food fine, but I don’t.” he said.
“Fine.” Darlene said, and then went into the small bathroom by the kitchen to put her hair back into the pony tail.
She just wished he would say “Damn you look sexy.”, or even “you look nice”, instead of being so perfect all of the time.
Phil went out to start the grill, and Darlene finished the salad. She carried the chicken out to him, and then took a seat on the lounge chair by the pool.
“We could go for a midnight swim tonight…,” Darlene said.
“I have to work early, you know that. We could do a few laps after dinner if you want.” He said.
Darlene rolled her eyes behind his back. She didn’t mean literally wait until midnight, she just meant maybe a fun romp in the pool, and maybe a skinny dip after the sun went down. She certainly didn’t mean laps. She wished everything did not have to revolve around exercise and fitness all of the time.
Phil worked on the chicken while Darlene looked towards the house next door. She kept waiting for some movement in one of the windows, but nothing.
They ate dinner at the outside table, even though Phil preferred to eat indoors. She knew he tried to please her, but he was so set in his ways, he was a tough cookie to crumble.

“Ready for the laps?” he said.
“We just ate, don’t we have to wait.” She said.
Phil laughed. “That’s an old wives tale…, you’ll be fine.” He said.
Darlene agreed, and then disappeared into the small changing room by the pool. She emerged wearing the new yellow bikini she found in the city on her last visit.
“Where did that come from?” Phil asked.
“I just bought it, you like it?” she asked, spinning around for him to see.
“It’s sexy, but not very practical.” He said.
Darlene bit her tongue. She knew he only meant it wasn’t exactly cut out for water sports, but this was for the house. It was meant to be sexy, so for that, it was very practical.
“I’m not planning on wearing it to the Olympics, it’s just mean to turn heads.” She said with a grin.
“Well, it will certainly do that…damn!” he said.
That was more like it. She knew Phil found her sexy, but it never hurt to tell her every so often.
Phil jumped into the pool, and started his laps before Darlene got in the water. He told her he was just warming up, and then gave her a chance to do the same.
They raced back and forth the length of the pool, Phil beating her every time. He was very competitive, and she knew he expected her to work her hardest to keep up with him.
“Hey neighbor.” A voice came from the fence.
“Hey there.” Phil said, and then climbed out of the water.

Darlene watched as he walked to the fence, and got her first glimpse of their new neighbor.
“Tommy, this is my wife Darlene, Darlene, Tommy.” Phil made his formal introductions.
Tommy stuck his hand over the short art of the fence to wave. He was beautiful. His long brown curly hair flowed down his back. He had dark green eyes, long eye lashes, and a chiseled build, although small framed.
“Welcome to the neighborhood.” Darlene said.
“Well, I didn’t want to bother you, just thought I would say hey since I noticed you out here.” Tommy said.
“Nonsense, come on over. You want a beer?” Phil said.
“A beer would be great!” he said.
Tommy walked around to the gate and let himself into their backyard. Darlene felt a tingle in her breasts as he smiled at her.
Phil grabbed a couple beers from the small fridge behind their tiki bar, and handed one to Tommy.
“You’re not drinking one?” Tommy asked Darlene, who was still in the pool.
“She’s watching her weight.” Phil said sharply.
Darlene swam to the steps, and then slowly walked out of the pool, revealing her perfect shape to her new neighbor.
“I don’t see where that is necessary…” Tommy said, staring at her physique.
“I would love a beer,” Darlene said.
Phil got up, and grabbed a beer from the fridge, and handed it to his wife.
She wrapped herself in a towel, and then sat down in the chair next to Phil.

“Are you married Tommy?” Phil asked.
“Yes. She will be here later tonight.” He said.
“I had to come out early for a meeting, but she had a couple things to finish up back home.” He added.
Phil and Tommy talked about work while Darlene sipped her beer, staring at the new man’s hairless chest and tattooed arms.
He was laid back, easy to talk to, and extremely attractive. She didn’t want him to ever leave. She wanted to stare at him all night.
He told Phil about his business. He had created an app for tracking fitness, so Phil immediately started talking about his business.
Darlene felt like Phil hogged the limelight whenever he got the chance. He had a large ego, and it sometimes felt overbearing, and unattractive.
“Well, I better get back there and unpack a few boxes before she gets here.” He said.
“Good luck with that, if you need anything just yell.” Phil said.
“Thank you for the beer.” He said.
Darlene smiled as he winked at her before leaving. It felt so sexy, so dirty. She loved it.
Tommy walked back to the gate, and let himself out. Darlene watched as he disappeared into his house, the tall brick home with the perfect yard.

She wondered what his wife was like. Probably perfect, just like him.


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