Naughty Neighbors–Chapter Two

“Muffin, I’m home!” Phil yelled as he walked in the front door.
Darlene hated his pet name. He started calling her that when they first met, saying she had a muffin top that came out of her jeans. Well, there was no way he could say that about her now, so she thought the name should cease.
“In here!” Darlene yelled back from inside the kitchen.
She was chopping up veggies for a salad, and already had the chicken marinating, and ready for the grill.
“Did you see we have new neighbors?” he asked.
“I saw the moving truck earlier….” She said.
“Well, I just talked to him in the drive; he seems like a nice guy.” Phil said.
Darlene felt a surge of jealousy. She wanted to see what they looked like. They must have pulled up while she was in the shower or down in the kitchen preparing dinner.
“What’s he look like?” she asked, trying to sound less excited than she truly was.
“He is tall, thin, tattoos all down his arms, and long curly brown hair.” He said.
“Long hair?” Darlene asked.
“Yeah, down to his ass…” Phil said, and then rolled his eyes.
“What about his wife?” Darlene asked.
“I didn’t see her.” He said, and quickly stole a carrot from the salad.

“Quick shower, and then I’ll start the grill?” he said with his usual “I want sex” smirk.”
Darlene took his hand and let him lead her upstairs to the master bathroom. The shower was custom designed by Phil, who she was sure had it built more for sex than showering.
They undressed without hesitation, and without passion, and then stepped into the large shower room attached to their bedroom.
The tile walls offered bench seating on two walls, and fourteen shower heads were adjustable for any type of spray.
Phil adjusted the temperature, and then turned all of the shower head on a pulse.
He gripped Darlene’s waist and set her on the bench on the far wall, where two of the heads aimed directly at her tits.
Phil got on his knees on the padded platform in front of her, and then pushed her legs apart.
His tongue wasted no time finding her clit as it circled around it. He slid two fingers inside of her and pumped hard while he teased her clit with short flicks of his tongue.
She loved his skillful mouth and fingers; that was one of the reasons she married him. He was like no other lover she had experienced before. He knew exactly how to get her off, and he taught her how to get him off with the same precision.
Her juices started flowing from her pussy as if on command by him. Once he knew he had her excited, he stood in front of her and stroked his cock slowly as he waited for her to take over control.
Her hand wrapped around his fat cock, barely fitting around its girth. She stroked in the same slow motion he had, and then placed her mouth over the head.

She sucked hard on the head, scraping ever so gently with her teeth. Once he removed his hand, she knew he was ready for her to take him into her mouth deeper.
She worked up enough saliva to fit the monster between her lips, and slid him deep into her throat.
Her motions were slow and steady, and she only picked up the pace when he started to thrust his hips.
He pulled her hand between his legs, urging her to cup his balls. She squeezed and gently rolled them in her hand as he pumped his member in and out of her mouth.
His eyes started to roll back into his head, and he let out a loud moan. He pulled away from her, and waited while she stood up, and then bent over the bench.
Darlene knew he loved fucking her from behind. He could shove his hard cock in between her ass cheeks to her wet pussy, and then still reach around to fondle her large bouncing breasts.
He paused at her entrance while he ran his finger between her ass cheeks. He often tickled her alternate entrance, but he never attempted to fuck her there, which made her grateful. She wasn’t sure his large cock would fit, even if she did want him to try.
Once he finished teasing her ass, he pushed himself inside. Darlene felt her hips widen with his entry, and a burst of pleasure filled her body with every pump.
His balls slapped into her, making an amazing sloshing sound against the water of the jets.
He reached around and cupped her breasts, twirling her hardened nipples in between his thumb and forefinger as he pushed harder into her.
She reached her hand down in between her legs and gently rubbed her clit in

the motion he fucked her. The friction built her orgasm quickly as she felt it begin to pulse through her clit.
Phil let out a loud moan as he gave one last thrust into her. She pushed hard against her clit to savor every last twitch.
He pulled out of her, leaving her legs quivering and her heartbeat sporadic without warning. His strong arms pulled her up against him, her back to his hard chest as he kissed her on the neck.
Darlene grabbed her loofah and her body wash, and began washing herself off. Phil completed his shower after she finished her quick rinse off and left him alone.
Their sex was hot, but lacked emotion. She felt like everything was a routine as she put on a slinky sundress over her naked body. She wanted spontaneity, surprise, passion.
Her legs were still quivering from the amazing orgasm he had just given her, so she felt like an asshole for feeling unsatisfied. It wasn’t his cock that was the problem, it was just the routine.
Darlene pulled her hair from her ponytail holder and let it hang down over her shoulders and down her back. She knew Phil would say something about it, but she didn’t care. She thought it made her look sexy, exotic, and a little bit younger.


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