Pop Her Cherry-Chapter Two

The limo pulled into the long lane to Katie’s large house. It was too large, especially for just her mother and Joel, but her mother always wanted the very best, and with her grandfather’s money, she got what she wanted.
Disappointment filled Katie’s heart as the front doors didn’t open. She wasn’t greeted by Joel running into her arms, just a little yippy dog at the bottom of the entrance steps.
POP HER CHERRY-Chapter FourThomas opened her door, helped her out of the car and then gathered her large suitcase. She felt bad watching him struggle to get it up the long entrance staircase to the door, but she knew she couldn’t lift it.
He rang the doorbell for assistance as Katie gathered the rest of her belongings from the back-seat.
When she turned around, there he was: his hair dark and wavy, his smile wide and bright, and his eyes, oh his eyes, so blue and dreamy.
“Welcome home kiddo!” He said.
Katie walked towards him, waiting for him to take her into his arms like he used to, but he just smiled.
“You look great.” He said.
“Thanks.” Katie said.
She was disappointed. Her long blonde hair was finally styled and no longer pulled in a ponytail or braids. Her braces were gone, and her breasts had finally developed into full rounds that normally got men’s attention, but not Joel.
“You’re all grown up.” He said.

His voice was a little shaky, and Katie could sense he was feeling a little uncomfortable around her. She decided to shake it off, figuring it had just been too long since she had seen him last, and it would take him time to warm back up to her.
She followed him inside. Her mother was lying across the long couch with a white satin robe. She looked like a movie star with her large fake breasts, filled in lips, and numerous hair extensions. Katie knew she had become obsessed with cosmetic surgery and anything that would promise to give her back her youth, but she was beginning to look like someone else, not her mother.
Joel carried the large suitcase up the stairs to her room without any effort. Katie watched as his strong arms hoisted the bag to his waist and hiked the stairs.
“I’m so glad your home, dear.” Maria said.
“Thank you.” Katie said.
She wasn’t sure if she was glad to be home yet or not. The only thing she was sure about was Joel was still as hot as ever, hotter if that was possible.
“Go on up to your room and get settled. We’ll go out for dinner when you get dressed.” Maria said.
Katie felt a tinge of anger fill her gut. If her mother was not able to pick her up at the airport, how was it, she was suddenly able to make it to dinner.
Katie climbed the long spiral staircase to her room. Joel had placed her bag on the floor at the foot of her bed.
“How many surgeries has she done?” Katie asked.
Joel rolled his eyes.
“I quit counting.” He said.
“She looks different.” Katie said.

“Well, she’s scared to death of turning 40 this year.” Joel said.
Katie always felt like he defended Maria, making excuses for her behavior. It drove her crazy.
“She looks 50!” Katie exclaimed.
“Agreed!” Joel said.
He shot Katie a smile, one that looked familiar. She was so glad he was still there. She couldn’t imagine living in the house alone with her mother.
Katie slipped out of her clothes. She had been traveling for hours, and all she wanted to do was shower. Her reflection in the mirror had changed; she was no longer that little awkward kid Joel used to tease. She had turned into a stunningly beautiful woman.
Her hands lingered on her hips, sliding up and down as she visually measured her body in the mirror. There wasn’t much she could complain about, except the small mole on her belly right above her curly patch of hairs.
She looked in the shower in her room, realizing there was nothing stocked. Her mother must not have felt good enough to order someone to get her bathroom ready for her arrival.
“Ugh!” Katie exclaimed and walked back into the bedroom.
Joel was standing in the doorway, frozen as he stared at her naked body. His eyes lingered on her breasts, and then her mole before making it back to her eyes.
“I’m sorry.” He said.
Katie was frozen in her own spot. Her breasts felt tight, and her stomach fluttered as his eyes took her in. This was the first man that ever seen her naked and it was Joel. That excited her.
He covered his eyes. Katie grabbed at the throw blanket on the bed and covered herself up.

“I just wanted to ask you where you would like to go tonight. Maria said she is staying in, so I was going to take you out.” Joel said.
Her throat tightened as she gulped. The butterflies in her guy started doing somersaults at the thought of being alone with Joel.
“I would really like a hamburger.” She said.
“A hamburger it is, let me know where you’re ready kiddo.” He said.
Katie watched as he backed out of the room. She knew she should have been embarrassed, but his eyes were so welcomed on her nude body, it surprised even her.
She quickly grabbed her shower bag and stood under the hot water. As it ran down her body, it traced her curves, sliding from her breasts, to her waist, off her hips to her ass cheeks before hitting the shower floor.
That look in Joel’s eyes as he lingered on her body was fresh in her mind, and she knew it was a look of pleasure. The thought of her body pleasing him sent tingles between her legs and tightened her nipples.
“Why did my mom have to marry him? He’s so hot!” She said to herself.

Katie tried to shake off her arousal as she dried off and then dressed. She picked out a cute sundress that showed off her new figure, and let her hair hand down her back. She liked that look he gave her, and she wanted to see it again.
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